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I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this book. Dr. Stribing shared her story about her marriage; this was a great read. I also loved the interaction parts at the end of each chapter. I enjoyed her transparency; it is very comforting to know that other women have been thru & came out on top. I would highly recommend this book to every woman who has been in a ugly relationship. I will be reading it again for a second time…

Divorce can have a devastating effect on families and leaves our personal lives in ruins, even eliciting feelings of depression, fear, and despair; but as you’ll discover in this wonderful book, a divorce doesn’t have to mean the end of the world. Actually, not only can you survive a divorce; you can thrive after having one. Yes, there is life after a divorce.

In this book, Dr. Sonja Y. Stribling, Ph.D., opens up about her personal struggle with divorce. She pinpoints the signs that suggest a marriage is in serious trouble and reveals to us how we can regain the courage and confidence to love ourselves, recover from broken relationships, and live a fulfilling life in the aftermath of a divorce.

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