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My mindset has shifted! I'm a completely different person. I know how to put fear in it's place. My self -esteem has risen. I no longer look for approval from people. I don't suffer from rejection. I have boundaries.

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After working with Dr. Sonja, my confidence has grown stronger. I'm now stepping out of my comfort zone and excepting opportunities that I never would've before. I now believe that I have the power to do whatever it is I…

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Prior to the program, I was running a consulting business which had done very well. I never thought I would own and operate a coaching business as well. Since the Official launch of emPowered For Greatness roughly two months ago,…

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If I didn't invest in the program I would have stopped, period. Without BME I wouldn't pursue having my own business because of life's challenges. I knew that I would get a return on my investment. And having the life…

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