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Prior to the program, I was running a consulting business which had done very well. I never thought I would own and operate a coaching business as well. Since the Official launch of emPowered For Greatness roughly two months ago, I gained over 24 (paying clients) that have either paid for one on one coaching sessions or have enrolled in my soft launch coaching program that generated roughly $10k +additional revenue over a 30 day time-frame. It has been such a eye-opening experience. I have attracted celebrities that are keeping an eye on my brand and the things that I am doing and have also expressed interest in future involvement. I’ve received and have spoken at roughly 4 speaking events and have 3 (paid) scheduled speaking engagements next year. When I began to build this business, I was very scared because it was forcing me to come out of hiding and be the most transparent I have ever been in my life but as I began to become transparent and open to sharing my story, I began to have a boldness about myself that I couldn’t explain. I began to feel emPowered internally and externally. So much so, that I began getting out more, networking more and yes dating more. I just simply became open to the possibilities in all areas of my life. Well, let’s just say when I became open to the possibilities that God had for me, love came my way out of nowhere. I felt for the longest that I would be a single mother who has chronic illness that will never have someone in my life who would love me and all that comes with me.

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