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“Be Better
After Being Broken”



Dr. Sonja Stribling, life coach, business expert, and recipient of The Barack Obama Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award, who specializes in empowering women to discover their inner POWER to ascend to the next level in their life and business. Dr. Sonja is the CEO and Founder of the Next Level Living 7.0 Institute which is the home her signature global programs Journey to Greatness Life 180° and Building My Empire Masterclass. Dr. Sonja mentors women on finding their purpose and building multiple six-figure incomes. With recognition from over three million individuals world-wide, Dr. Sonja’s popular Periscope & Facebook LIVE sessions, where she has been called the General to Giants, continues to help women to give themselves PERMISSION to be amazing and live the life they deserve and desire.

In addition, to being a respected life and business specialist, she is a TV host on a National platform with Bravo Network. The Dr. Sonja Experience TV Show joins some of the network’s widely successful shows including: The Real Housewives franchises, Married to Medicine, and Million Dollar Listing New York. In it’s partnership with WATL The Dr. Sonja Experience will join nationally recognized shows like, Dr. Phil, The Steve Wilkos Show, Sister Circle, and many more.

The Dr. Sonja Experience, helps everyday people have extraordinary lives, is designed to help viewers and guests awaken their best selves and discover a deeper connection to the world around them. It tackles real life issues with real life solutions.

Dr. Sonja is one of the most sought-after empowerment speakers in the nation. She is a master of encouraging women to be resilient and developing the mindset to believe they can have it all; the Life and the Business. Dr. Sonja’s belief is that if “a woman can have a next level mindset, make next level commitments, create next level actions, which will ultimately result in Next Level Living”.

Her motto is “Be Better and not bitter.” She is commitment to empowering Women to use every trial and tribulation to move FORWARD and not stay stuck in their hurt, pain and disappointment. ​

As a Transformation Specialist, I help women navigate through major obstacles in their life. I didn’t have a guide and it was a long and painful journey. I am determined to provide tools, tips and techniques so others don’t have to flounder like I did. My style of coaching can make it so much easier for you. I know first-hand the heartache of the trying to discover your purpose in life. Please understand Pain changes us. Through it all I served and found my PURPOSE.

I love the person and the life I live today, for I used the very trials and tribulations that were design to kill me inspired me to build a 7-Figure income Coaching Business. I now Coach women globally to become healthy and whole so they can get in position to assistance others to LIVE and not just exist.


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